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Lawrence “LB” Breaux

Musician, Producer & Personality,

Attitude To Excel

Message to upcoming musicians and those following in his footsteps, is to always give your best… Go All In

LB On Drums

In addition to working with many respected artists, LB has performed with Robin Thicke consistently for over nine years.

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12th Feb 2014
LB Sitting On Kit

From Behind The Kit

Musician coming from the background to the foreground. LB continues to break barriers and set new paths for drummers, musicians and entrepreneurs all over. His is influence is now global....

12th Feb 2014

All Work, No Play

I had an unforgettable experience today. Thanks to my buddies Andrew Kipper (Golf Agent), Kenneth “KP” Patterson (Taylormade rep) and Perry Dickey (Club Fitter) I was able to be fitted...

20th Dec 2013
LB Men's Accessory Line

Introducing Men’s Accessory Line

Something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Look out for exciting news in May 2014.

20th Dec 2013
Robin Thicke on Kick

Working With Robin Thicke

I remember it was summer of 2004 that I got a call from a friend to audition for Robin Thicke. The journey has been incredible and has changed my life...